Charna E. Sherman, Attorney at Law

Charna E. Sherman has an exceptional record of successfully representing top clients, including Fortune 5 companies, in some of their most challenging litigation, as well as complex mediation and settlements. For more than 30 years, she has represented numerous individual and corporate clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of cases in federal and state courts, including complex commercial and other civil litigation, as well as white collar criminal defense. Throughout her career, she has effectively managed numerous multidistrict litigation matters, class actions and parallel proceedings and has had significant trial experience in high stakes cases, including civil and criminal jury cases and commercial arbitrations. We encourage you to review our featured cases and learn more about how we relentlessly guide, protect and support client objectives.

Featured Cases

Complex Commercial Litigation and White Collar Defense

  • Representation of a brokerage firm in what had been reputed to be the largest fraud case in U.S. history by an individual broker prior to Bernie Madoff. The spectrum of battlegrounds included dozens of customer suits and arbitrations, criminal and administrative investigations, insurance recovery issues, and bet-the-company litigation among successor brokerages
  • Defense of a reputed mobster in a three-month jury trial in federal court for an alleged scheme to defraud the IRS; acquitted on all charges except for a single misdemeanor for filing tax returns late
  • Pre-indictment defense of the CEO and owner of one of Texas’ largest, but now defunct, savings and loans
  • Defense of one of the world’s largest integrated oil companies in a multimillion-dollar Lanham Act unfair advertising case
  • Representation of fast food franchisees in a Lanham Act false advertising case against their biggest competitor arising from more than a decade of rigged promotions
  • Ohio counsel for one of the nation’s leading insurance companies in major antitrust litigation by the State of Ohio
  • Defense of one of the first September 11th contingent business interruption coverage cases on behalf of an international insurance company
  • Defense of defamation and breach of contract claims by a national “lad mag”
  • Insurance recovery for an international clothing retailer for criminal purchasing scam by an employee
  • Representation of the department chairmen of a premier medical school in a dispute over the formation of a regional academic health center
  • Representation of a plaintiff estate in a wrongful death claim against one of the nation’s largest elder care providers

Toxic Tort, Environmental, Health and Safety, and Product Liability Litigation

  • National coordination counsel and Ohio trial counsel in federal multidistrict pharmaceutical, breast implant and welding rod litigation on behalf of a Fortune 5 company
  • Ohio counsel for a central conspiracy defendant in tobacco litigation; succeeded in multiple dismissals for lack of jurisdiction prior to a global settlement
  • Defense of multiple toxic exposure cases brought by individual employees in Ohio; achieved court-ordered or voluntary dismissals in all of them, including a 6th Circuit affirmance of a rare Rule 12(B)(6) dismissal of a radiation claim
  • Defense of an electroplater (and Holocaust survivor) charged with federal felonies for discharging chemicals into the water system; negotiated a plea with only a fine and community service

Intellectual Property Litigation

  • Defense of a Fortune 5 company in patent infringement and unfair competition claims concerning process patents for the treatment of chest-pain patients
  • Defense of a Fortune 5 company in a billion-dollar dispute over ownership of a patent related to a joint venture in Saudi Arabia
  • Defense of a brokerage firm against its competitors’ claims of raiding and theft of trade secrets
  • Prosecution of patent infringement and Lanham Act false advertising claims concerning titanium tennis racquets for an international sports company