Our People Make The Difference

The practice of law should not be about being the biggest or most profitable law firm. At its core, the legal profession should be focused on providing the very best personal service — and in litigation that means people serving people in times of greatest challenge. At Charna E. Sherman Law Offices Co., LPA, we believe the success of our clients depends on the quality of our people and the relationships we foster.

In this changing world, success depends on our “virtually” partnering with other top-notch lawyers, no matter their formal partnerships. By operating as a nimble boutique, we are able to augment our client service with an external network of outstanding professionals from around the country. Our ability to partner with these virtual teams makes us highly efficient in our operations and highly effective in meeting — and exceeding — demanding client needs. Consistent with our commitment to diversity, we proactively seek opportunities to work with women and minority attorneys.